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My General Schedule

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Planning the Menu: I work on my menu and grocery list on Thursday nights.  That’s when the sales week starts at Publix, so I can plan my menu around ingredients on sale.  I always like to check out the Apron’s meal of the week. (Click on the recipe in the flyer even if you’re not interested in it – there are always TWO featured recipes!)

Grocery Shopping: If at all possible, I go grocery shopping on Friday nights after my daughter goes to bed.  It’s less crowded and I have it done so I don’t have to find time on my weekend to complete it.

Preparation: I prep as much as possible on Sunday, including reviewing recipes for the week and making sure the “Rachel Ray” cabinet (RR cabinet) is cleared out of last week’s stuff and ready for the new week.  I have a separate cupboard in my kitchen with all of the dry ingredients the week calls for, so I don’t have to dig around in my pantry to find the flour, or the rice wine vinegar, or whatever, that I only use once a month.

Specific Days of the Week:

  • Tuesdays I have about 5-15 minutes to get food on the table because my daughter has swim class.  I literally leave work, pick her up, get home and shovel some food in the two of us, get her changed and go to swim class at 6:30. So, I have to carefully plan Tuesday night’s meal – it’s usually a crock-pot item, something that is just as tasty reheated, or something that is eaten cold.  So, Monday night is heavy on prep work.
  • Fridays I try to make as simple as possible. If I don’t, we’ll order pizza or some other kind of take-out, because I’m usually EXHAUSTED from the week, and I’m trying to save my energy to make it through grocery shopping.
  • Depending on our plans, I may or may not have a menu item for the weekends.  We sometimes have leftovers from the week, sometimes we eat on the run.  Often, I’ll add a 6th meal to the list, but not do the prep work in advance, just in case.  And it has to be something I’m not buying perishable items for – Avocados aren’t going to last for a month if we decide to eat out 3 weekends in a row.

Author: menusofamom

I'm a mom that works outside the house trying to create home cooked meals for my little family of three. My husband is a small business owner, and my daughter turned 2 in February.

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