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I Wouldn’t Call It a Bust, But…

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I mentioned in my last post that my daughter had a fever?  Yeah, it got worse and I’m not feelin’ so hot either.  I had to send out the “hey, my kid is sick, I understand if you don’t want to come over message” this morning.  Most of my friends have young kids, so they decided not to come, which I completely understand as I would have done the same.  So, it turned into less of a party and more of a few people hanging out on their day off with entirely too much food.  The few who came still had fun, and we all had some good eats.  Now I have leftovers for dinner tomorrow, and all is okay in the world…if I can just get the two of us healthy again!

Here was the spread:

Homemade white bean dip & veggies

Obligatory chips and the patriotic plates

Cornbread – jalapeno & plain

Shredded BBQ Chicken

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

My husband’s world famous baked beans

Some patriotic cookies – Thanks Publix!

Red, White & Blueberry Trifle – a BIG hit

Now, I finally have my daughter asleep – here’s hoping the fireworks don’t wake her up and get her freaked out!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed time with their friends and family and took a moment to think of and thank the brave men and women that risk their lives to defend America’s freedom!


Author: menusofamom

I'm a mom that works outside the house trying to create home cooked meals for my little family of three. My husband is a small business owner, and my daughter turned 2 in February.

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