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The Words Every Mom Wants to Hear


My daughter and I had a a rough night last night…Both still not feeling 100%, both short on patience, and both stubborn as all get out.  There was a lot of screeching and yelling and crying–and she seemed upset too  ;-)–but there were a few high points that were wonderful.  But I guess that’s parenting in a nutshell, right?

There’s something about being sick that makes the thought of salad absolutely revolting.  I’m not sure why, because really, I can’t smell anything right now, so half of my ability to taste is pretty much gone.  But, by the time I got home from the pharmacy last night, after seeing the doctor and waiting forever to get prescriptions filled, there was no way I was going to cut up a bunch of raw vegetables and then, worse yet, eat them, yech.

So, when I got home, I decided to put the lemon garlic chicken over a frozen rice and veggie mix instead, specifically, Birds Eye Brown & Wild Rice with Broccoli and Carrots.  I also cooked the onions and peppers that were for the salad in with the chicken, to provide a little more character.  While I was at, I cooked some extras to put in the Corn & Bean Pockets for Tuesday.Now, again enter the fact that I have no sense of smell at this point.  I didn’t think it was very good.  I’ve made this chicken before – it’s normally wonderful and tangy from the lemon and I thought for sure that I got the marinade ratios wrong and that the whole thing was just bland and awful.  I later found out from my husband that it was wonderful, and he detests bland foods.  DARN YOU SNOT!

Anyway, the magic moment came when my daughter, upon seeing my plate says, in a most serious voice, “Mommy, I WANT BROCCOLI.”  Oh, how my heart sang and my mouth smiled.  I couldn’t bring myself to tell her there was plenty of broccoli on her own plate, just behind the chicken – I just handed over the goods and she happily ate every bit of the broccoli, as well as some rice and chicken.  She even said, “I eeeat it.  I like it!” Sigh.  Finally, a moment of triumph in a seemingly never-ending string of recent defeats.

Later that night, in between screaming fits, she kept up the magical words when she asked to listen to Bob Marley.  She asked for him by name.  Yes, we had a Punky Reggae Party in my house last night. At some point during that, she also turned to me and said, “Hey Mommy, you’re beautiful.”   It’s a thing we do a lot, but whenever she whips it out from nowhere, it melts my heart, every time.

What words do your little ones say that help break up the bad days?


Author: menusofamom

I'm a mom that works outside the house trying to create home cooked meals for my little family of three. My husband is a small business owner, and my daughter turned 2 in February.

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  1. Love it!! 🙂

  2. I love your blog!

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