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Curve Balls and Cheesy Snakes

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I picked the perfect week to go low-key.  Remember in my last post I mentioned that Life sometimes has other ideas when you make plans?  Sometimes Life throws you a curve ball.  Boy, did my family get hit with a whopper this week.

We were reminded that, at any moment, on any day, when you’re least expecting it, you can get a phone call that rocks your world.  A phone call that means you don’t get to tell someone you love good-bye or that you’re sorry for your past wrongs or that you forgive them for theirs or that you love them.

That’s what happened to us in the wee hours Tuesday morning.  I wanted to write a post last night, to find some humor in a silly story, to take my mind off the reality that we still haven’t completely absorbed, but I couldn’t.  Every time I started thinking about what I would write, it sounded more like a diary entry than a blog post.

Having a young child at a time like this can at times feel like a challenge and at times be a blessing.  She isn’t self-sufficient, so we can’t just roll up in a ball under the covers and block out the world, even if that’s all we want to do.  I guess that falls in both categories, as it keeps us going.  She can’t comprehend it, so, while I can explain that her aunt is gone, that she won’t see her anymore, it won’t stop her in a few days and weeks from asking where her aunt is.  But, because she can’t comprehend it, she’s not sad and she’s not in shock.  She’s just as spunky as if it was any other day.  And that can be a blessing in the form of a welcome distraction and some unexpected but comforting laughs.

And that brings us to dinner.

What a great night for some home-cooking comfort food.  Pot roast isn’t in my top ten favorites by any means, but it was really tasty last night.  The carrots were from our garden, so I believe they were sweeter than normal.  The meat was tender and tasty and the potatoes were soft and buttery.

To entice the Boog, I sprinkled some grated parmesan cheese on top of her bowl.  At first, she turned her nose up to whole thing and only wanted to eat her roll, but when I showed her the snakes, she got excited.  You see, Boog calls everything that is long and skinny a “sssssnake! hiss hiss!”.  So I pulled off some of the meat, made sure it had cheese, and asked her to try a cheesy snake and she obliged.  She ate all of her cheesy snakes and a second helping of cheesy snakes.  I honestly can’t remember all of the little things she said or did to make me smile, but I know that I did and that’s all that matters.

Tonight, we had cheesy snakes with pasta and ketchup, which she happily ate as well and it only required boiling some penne on my part.  She even did a few happy dances at the table.

Thank goodness for that and for her.  I’m happy that we get to go visit Grandma this weekend, where Boog can hopefully dole out some more much-needed smiles.

The Boog and her Aunt


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I'm a mom that works outside the house trying to create home cooked meals for my little family of three. My husband is a small business owner, and my daughter turned 2 in February.

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