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Dopiaza and Frittata

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Wednesday was one of those days when you wonder if your toddler’s head is going to start spinning around and projectile vomiting pea soup.  I mean, Boog woke up yelling NOOOOOOOOO.  Picking her up from school didn’t go much better, as she was initially happy to see me, but then we had this conversation going out to the car…

Boog: What we having?

Me: Chicken and rice [I’ve learned recently to avoid the fun words like Dopiaza and just go with familiar things that she likes]

Boog: Don’t want rice.  Don’t want rice!  Want eat PASTA!

Me: Well, honey, we’re having chicken and rice tonight.

Boog: I HATE RICE!!  [She doesn’t hate rice…she rather likes it actually, when her head isn’t spinning around]  DON’T WANT IT! 

This led to a struggle to get her into her carseat…you know the one, a body slam into the seat and then folding her in half while trying to buckle her in and not pinch anything [hopefully everyone knows what I mean here and knows that I didn’t actually body slam my 2 year old…though, to a passerby hearing the screams, it probably sounded like I had body slammed her]

Me: <pleasant wave to the other parents picking up their children…> nothing to see here folks

But then, as is often the case with toddler mood swings, she was perfectly pleasant when I served up the Dopiaza chicken.  The naan bread bribe couldn’t have hurt.  Funny enough, she immediately scooped up a spoonful of plain rice and ate it.  Maybe she got confused by the meaning of the word hate.  She sometimes gets on and off mixed up… hmmm.  At any rate, she put a bit of baby corn in her mouth, then pulled it out to inspect it.

Boog: Mommy, what is it?

Me: That’s corn – baby corn

Boog: <trying it>  Mmmm, I like corn.

Progress!  There was a sugar snap pea in her bowl too, so I thought, I’m going to get two vegetables in her tonight, score!  She asked me to open it so she could count the green balls as they came out, but she didn’t actually eat it.  Then she ate a piece of chicken, chewed it up completely, and then spit it out.  Aaah, table manners at their finest.  But she knows how to use a napkin, so that has to count for something right?  I guess this is why I have dogs, to not waste the food she partially breaks down but doesn’t actually ingest.

Tonight was the night for the frittata.  I was a little frazzled this evening and I didn’t do any of the prep work the night before, so I wasn’t paying as much attention to what I was doing as I should have been.  This is proven by the fact that I shaved off the very tippity tip of my thumb while slicing the potatoes…oops!

And, unfortunately, I didn’t cut my potato slices into smaller bits and make sure they were all unstuck from one another as I should have.  The result?  There were some parts of the frittata that the potatoes were still a bit crunchy, not awful, but not quite there.  That being said, this was awesome!  The parts that were completely cooked through and soft were del.i.cious!  Warm and comforting with the turmeric and set off with the cilantro – yum!  Husband liked it too.

The Boog, on the other hand, isn’t a huge fan of potatoes, except in french fry form, so she wasn’t excited about it.  I even tried to sell it as eggs, peas, and french fries and gave her ketchup to dip it.  She just kept dipping one piece of potato over and over again and eating just the ketchup.  Still a win as ketchup is considered a vegetable by some, right? 😉


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I'm a mom that works outside the house trying to create home cooked meals for my little family of three. My husband is a small business owner, and my daughter turned 2 in February.

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