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Prepared and I Still Can’t Find My Keys

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Every now and then I’ve decide to throw in a completely off-topic post AKA known as a long rambling post… Feel free to ignore.

I wanted to share a slightly embarrassing story that happened this week.  At work, my team had a lot of competing priorities and deadlines this week.  Who doesn’t, right?  So, I should preface this whole thing with a disclaimer that, my head was sort of not screwed on right, lots going on, not feeling well, feeling the pressure of not “wasting” my days off from my toddler, etc. etc.

On Thursday, I decided to quickly pop out of the office to grab lunch at a Lenny’s Sub Shop.  This is a pretty rare occurrence  I almost always pack my lunch (which shall be the subject of an on-topic post at some point in the near future) and eat at the office.

I head down the stairwell and hear a familiar voice drifting down from the floor above.  Hmm, I think that’s M – one of the IT guys we work closely with on this very LARGE project that’s been ongoing for over a year now.  Nice guy, but I better hurry up, otherwise, I’ll end up in the stairwell or out in the hot sun talking to him about this project for 30 minutes and I’m trying to duck out to grab some quick grub.

I get to the car and start backing out and I see M and W (another IT guy on our project team) and someone else I haven’t met.  Hmm, why do I get a distinct feeling they are going to Lenny’s too? <probably because it’s the closest place to the building and I know they have to be back for a project meeting at the same time I do>  Nah, what are the odds, I think.

I get to Lenny’s, which has a terrible parking situation, but SCORE! I get a spot RIGHT in front of the door of this all glass-front sub shop.  Haha, suckers behind me have to keep going and find a spot around the corner. <insert smug look of satisfaction here as I walk into the sub shop>

Standing in line, I look behind me and in walks M&W.  I’m pretty sure they were the suckers behind me.  Hey, you guys just can’t get away from me, huh?  Haha, small talk, small talk, small talk in line.  I sit down to wait for my sandwich, which I had planned to take back to the office.  This was supposed to be quick, remember?  I end up sitting and chatting with M for a bit while waiting for our sandwiches, and then I head out to the car.  The one that’s right in front of the door to the small, glass-front sub shop.  Get to the car, put my sandwich on my trunk to dig around and try to find my car keys.  Dig, dig, dig, <trying not to panic>, dig, dig.

Okay, maybe I had them in my hand when I was chatting at the table and I left them in there.  $#@!%$, now I have to go back in and let these people know that I cannot locate my keys.  Hey, M – are my keys anywhere on the table there?  No, I don’t see them, do you need a ride back?  Just let us know…

See, nice guy.  Me – oh, okay, thanks, I’ll let you know <nervous panicky laughter>

Then, I hear my name.  I turn around, OH, it’s my boss’s husband. HEY!  It’s like a party in here, everyone wants Lenny’s today!  No, that wasn’t a thought in my head.  That’s actually what I said out loud in my nervous voice as the panic starts to set in.  Then, I walked back out to the car (where my lunch is still sitting on the trunk).  I didn’t say good-bye to him or anything.  I should point out that he is also a nice guy. Mental note – mention to my boss, a very nice woman, hey, can you apologize if I was short with your husband at Lenny’s today.

So, back out at the car, in that stellar parking spot I was able to get today right in front of the door <LUCKY GIRL!>, I start thinking about this logically.  Either I left the keys in the car, in which case, I wouldn’t have been able to lock it, or they are somewhere in my purse or in the short distance between the car and the sub shop.  I go around to the passenger door, it’s locked, I peer into my windows like I’m casing the thing.

Okay, logical brain.  The keys are not in the car.  I have checked the table and now walked the distance between the table and the car 3 times.  Think.  Let’s look in the purse again.  Slowly digging around, trying to find the keys. <JUST DUMP EVERYTHING OUT ONTO THE GROUND, DO IT, DO IT.  No, keep calm, you have an audience of sub shop patrons, all of whom you know>. 

I have a new purse that I hate.  I used to have a wonderful mom purse, cross-body Vera Bradley that I bought used.  It finally died and I thought, this is a good time to get something that looks a little more professional.  Goodness gracious I miss my old purse.  Now I have a big black monstrosity that has one big section where everything gets thrown, no pockets.

WAIT.  I do have ONE pocket.  The little small pocket.  That’s where I keep a pad and tampon as a tribute to my girl scout roots – Be prepared.

You see, I never have that pocket open, unless it absolutely needs to be, right? Well, it was necessary to open it earlier in the day, and I must have felt the need to zip it closed again, right after I tossed my keys into my big black purse, walking into the sub shop.  Wouldn’t have wanted IT guys to see what was in the little small pocket, now would we?  Yep, found the keys inside the little small pocket zipped closed.

I should have just packed my lunch.


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