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A Brief Moment and Mini Pot-Pies

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Today was kind of a crappy day.  It started off with a neighbor knocking on the door a bit before 6 this morning.  Hey, your trunk is open and it’s raining.  Haha – Thanks… Yeah, I think Husband has a lot on his mind lately.

Boog seemed to wake up in a good place, but quickly spiraled downward.  By that I mean, she threw a fit and threw her entire bowl of cereal onto the floor after she changed her mind on what she wanted for breakfast.  Getting her dressed this morning involved what I like to call the toddler scissor hold.  I haven’t had to use that in awhile since we’ve been instituting the timer to help our morning routine.

When we got to school, she wanted to crawl over into the front seat (?) to get out of the car this morning, and when I told her no, she threw a fit.  I guess I should have picked my battle.  So, I carried her into school kicking and screaming.  But then, of course, when I tried to do the hand-off to the teacher, she clung to me and yelled, “Mommy, mommy!” as I peeled her off my leg.

Work was… hmm.  Imagine me frolicking through a lovely field of wildflowers and pirouetting directly onto every land mine hidden beneath the pretty surface.  That was my day at work. And if you thought I looked…maybe not the smartest with my off-topic post about my keys the other day, geesh.  I could write another off-topic post about my adventures on the shuttle between locations today that would have most of you wondering if I have the mental capacity to dress myself in the morning.  No, really.

Sigh.  Ok, I’m on my way home.  I decide not to listen to my usual NPR for the commute.  Instead, I turn on some Amy Steinberg to decompress.  <Seriously – Check. Her. Out.  She’s amazing.  And if you love her music like I do, support her efforts on her new CD here.  Yay independent music!>

The “chicken mixture” made on Tuesday night

I wanted to be in a good place and not be frustrated picking up my two year old.  I was so excited because I came up with a plan – I had the chicken mixture for the Mini Chicken Pot Pies ready to go.  And Boog could help me with the “baking mix” part and help me put them together.  Then, we could go to the playground and splash in the puddles on the way there since it rained most of the day.

I’m going to just release it all, it’s okay if she gets muddy.  Embrace the moment. We’re going to have a great night in spite of a bad day.  Leave that at the office.  This is the mom I want to be.

I go into Boog’s school to pick her up, she sees me and screams, “Nooooooo!!!!!” and throws herself onto the floor.  Spirit crushed.  I try to play it off cool to the teachers like my two year old didn’t just hurt my feelings, silly toddler.  I have to carry her kicking and screaming out to the car, fold her in half to get her into the car seat.

She screamed the whole ride home.  She wasn’t just crying.  That’s what I was doing.  She shrieked like I had buckled her into a carseat of nails.  Ugh.  But I had a plan…

We got home and slowly she came out of her fit.  I started to make dinner and eventually she said she wanted to help.  It wasn’t the best cooking experience we’ve had together.  She kept dipping her hands into the raw egg and eating it, which caused me to have take away the bowl, but fine, at least she’s not screaming or talking back.  We went to the playground and had fun, even if it was a little hard to get her to leave when the time came.  On the walk home, Husband drove by, so he picked us up and we got to eat dinner as a family.

The pot pies were pretty tasty and pretty simple. Sadly, Boog fought me on eating them, but…I’m not blaming the recipe.  Clearly we had an off day.  I think she’ll really like these and she was excited to eat them when we were making them.  During dinner and afterwards, we had some more fits and tantrums, so it’s possible I could have served her chocolate icing and she would have said no.

All in all, it was a pretty crappy day.  But, despite that, at least for a few brief moments tonight, I was the mom I want to be, the mom I strive to be, but the mom I all too often fall short of being.  So, even if Boog went to bed a little hungry and I’m enjoying a hard earned glass of wine, I’m putting this day in the win column.


Author: menusofamom

I'm a mom that works outside the house trying to create home cooked meals for my little family of three. My husband is a small business owner, and my daughter turned 2 in February.

One thought on “A Brief Moment and Mini Pot-Pies

  1. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, we love u and think u r a awesome. MOM.

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