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No, I Would Not Like a Poblano Pepper Facial, Thank You


You may notice that this dish does not look like the Mexican Stuffed Poblano Peppers that I planned to make. Here are the reasons, and the path my thoughts took, to explain why, none of which are knocks against the original recipe:

I’m not very experienced with peppers.  Literally, other than this one time I made Tamale Pie, I haven’t really ventured out from bell peppers.

I grossly underestimated how much of a pain in the butt that halving and de-seeding poblanos is.

Last night, as I was prepping everything, I finished the third pepper, I realized, I have nine more peppers to do this to, and then I have to stuff them? Nu-uh.

I decided, forget this, let me just chop up some poblanos and throw them into the rice mixture.

Since it took me so long, I had to stop half-way through the peppers to get the Boog a bath and get her to bed.  During that break, I washed my face.  I had not washed the poblano pepper juice off of my hands.

Did I mention that I’m a lightweight when it comes to spicy foods, so I don’t really cook with peppers other than bell peppers?

Logically, I know there is a proper pepper prep protocol.

Unfortunately, I did not follow proper pepper prep protocol.

Instead, I gave myself a poblano pepper facial.  Afterwards, I gave myself a raspberry yogurt facial, to help ease the burning.  This also worked wonders on my hands.

I am happy that I didn’t give Boog a poblano pepper facial, so there’s the bright side of yesterday evening.

Due to the face-burning event, I got nervous about the spice level of the dish and let Boog eat Oatmeal Squares with dried cranberries and milk for dinner.  Oh, and some raspberry yogurt.  Please note, this was a different container of yogurt, not my post-poblano facial yogurt.

Boog’s Dinner

Anywho, the final product became Undone Mexican Stuffed Poblano Casserole, which was actually pretty tasty, and not spicy at all.  Husband was all about putting this into the rotation, and maybe using the casserole to stuff a burrito.  However, if I made it again, I would probably sauté or roast the poblanos first to soften them up, since they ended up mixed into everything.   But…see above. It’s probably not gonna happen.  Unless he wants to prep the poblano peppers and follow proper pepper prep protocol.  This gal’s done.

I caused great pain, but I’m still tasty


Author: menusofamom

I'm a mom that works outside the house trying to create home cooked meals for my little family of three. My husband is a small business owner, and my daughter turned 2 in February.

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  1. Still sounds good

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