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BBQ and Green Beans

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More good news!  Well, mostly…

Last night, we had the Carolina-style shredded chicken sandwiches and green beans for dinner – delish.  But, as I picked Boog up from school, she was insistent that she needed a snack and that she wanted crackers.  Hmm, I knew we actually had crackers in the house, so I thought, what the heck.  Sure, you can have crackers for dinner, but you have to dip them in your chicken.  She seemed excited about it, so we had relative peace on the way home.

Searching through the freezer, I decided on some green beans for the side and popped them into the microwave.  Boog was pretty impatient and a bit whiny asking about her crackers, but I assured her, dinner was coming and on a monkey plate!  When I mentioned the green beans, she lit up and got excited about taking the balls out.

Boog’s deconstructed BBQ sandwich!

When everything was ready and I took her plate to her, she was so excited.  She did a great job of dipping her crackers into her chicken and she ate EVERY green bean on her plate, asking for more.  Why don’t I have these more often? I had no idea of her love, ha!

Tonight, the plan was to have the leftover barbecue chicken over a salad.  But, it wasn’t the plan when I actually did the grocery shopping.  So, what we ended up with was a bowl with:

Leftover barbecue chicken: self-explanatory

Fresh spinach: originally for a gnocchi dish that was moved to next week

Onions: always available in our home

Cooked green beans: Boog specifically asked for green beans for dinner, what!

Slivered almonds: The only green beans left in the house was one of those Green Giant boxes (love them) Green Beans with Almonds

Italian Parmesan Chex mix: She also asked for crackers, which I thought we had, but Husband finished them off last night.  I had already promised crackers on the car ride again, so…  I just threw some in the salads as well.

For the record, Italian Parmesan Chex mix makes some killer croutons!

Boog again did a great job eating her dinner tonight. She even ate a fresh spinach leaf!  She did call it a green bean…but whatever.  She has had some form of “green beans” every night this week.

On the fitness front, a victory and some disappointments.

Husband and I had another family walking date planned for tonight.  I tried texting him a couple of times today to confirm that we were still on, because I knew I could pick up Boog on the bike if we weren’t going to go walking.  Well, he finally called me back right after picking her up, in the car, and said he had to work late.  Argh.

I also had a killer headache all day and am feeling a bit rundown.  But, Boog and I still went for a walk after our dinner.  Victory!  The best part?  Husband found us mid-walk and at least joined us for a couple of laps.

The only bad thing is I was having a really hard time of it tonight and started to get a bit down.  I couldn’t jog as fast or as far as I could even a week ago.  But, I did my best to keep all that negativity down and be happy that we made it out 🙂


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