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I Wouldn’t Call It a Bust, But…

I mentioned in my last post that my daughter had a fever?  Yeah, it got worse and I’m not feelin’ so hot either.  I had to send out the “hey, my kid is sick, I understand if you don’t want to come over message” this morning.  Most of my friends have young kids, so they decided not to come, which I completely understand as I would have done the same.  So, it turned into less of a party and more of a few people hanging out on their day off with entirely too much food.  The few who came still had fun, and we all had some good eats.  Now I have leftovers for dinner tomorrow, and all is okay in the world…if I can just get the two of us healthy again!

Here was the spread:

Homemade white bean dip & veggies

Obligatory chips and the patriotic plates

Cornbread – jalapeno & plain

Shredded BBQ Chicken

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

My husband’s world famous baked beans

Some patriotic cookies – Thanks Publix!

Red, White & Blueberry Trifle – a BIG hit

Now, I finally have my daughter asleep – here’s hoping the fireworks don’t wake her up and get her freaked out!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed time with their friends and family and took a moment to think of and thank the brave men and women that risk their lives to defend America’s freedom!


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Curried Away Indeed

Well, at least my husband and I were impressed with the Curried Away Chicken Salad.  My daughter wouldn’t try it, but I realized after dinner that she was running a fever, so she just wasn’t feeling well.

I had a Mediterranean Vegetable blend in the freezer (zucchini, yellow carrots, red bell pepper, and green beans) so I just put it in the wrap and it was delicious!

Also, for a sneak preview to the party, here’s the Red, White, & Blueberry Trifle:

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I made it to the store!!!….zzzzz

We had an amazing weekend at the beach with family, a great time.  But, getting home on Sunday evening before going to work on Monday morning, and knowing that you’re having people over on Wednesday?  Phew, it was a busy night and I’m paying the price now.  But, strangely enough, both my husband and I got bursts of energy last night, and with mine, I decided to head to the grocery store.  I had made the menu and list on the car ride, so I was all set, other than double-checking a couple of recipes before running out of the door. Without further ado, this week’s menu is below:


Sunday: Archer Farms Buffalo Macaroni & Cheese dinner -not my finest moment, but my daughter certainly appreciated it, and I was able to unpack while she was eating.

Monday: Taco Nacho Rice (carryover from last week)

Tuesday: Curried Away Chicken Salad on tortillas with vegetables on the side

Wednesday: 4th of July Menu (see below)

Thursday: Cheeseburger Zucchini Pie (new recipe)

Friday: Lemon Garlic Chicken over greens/salad


Sunday: Get groceries, put cold groceries away, leave everything else out, sleep


After work: Regret not doing more on Sunday.  Then I got down to business.

I diced two onions, 1 for the Taco Nacho Rice and 1 for the Curried Away Chicken Salad.  Since I don’t like raw onions, I sauteed them all together and just pulled some out for the chicken salad before adding the ground turkey and taco seasoning as the Taco Nacho Rice recipe called for.  Side note: 90% of the time, I substitute lean ground turkey breast for ground beef in my recipes, so I rarely remember that a recipe calls for beef!  Also, I added some frozen mixed veggies when I added the rice and water, just to get some green in there:

Back to the prep plan – while I was sauteing the onions, I put the chicken breast on to boil for the chicken salad.

Late night: Finish preparing the Curried Away Chicken Salad so it’s ready for Tuesday. I shred the chicken in my Vitamix.  I think it’s my favorite function on that machine.

Tuesday: After work: Put a bag of frozen veggies into the microwave while I dish up the chicken salad on the tortillas.

The prep for the party will probably be spread between my husband and I over Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

I don’t plan to prep anything else yet, in case we have lots of leftovers from the party and the rest of the week’s menu gets shifted. It’s definitely not a normal week, or one that’s easy to plan, but we’re still having a lot of fun!

Fourth of July Menu:

BBQ Chicken over Cornbread (spicy jalapeno and plain)

Baked Beans (my husband makes the best!)

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Munchies – chips, veggies, maybe a dip?

For my vegetarian friends, I got some sweet potatoes to bake and some spicy black bean burgers.