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Sometimes It’s OK to Change Your Mind

I know, I know.  After the debacle with the lasagna last week, I sort of swore off using the slow cooker for anything but shredded bbq and pot roasts.  I immediately turned around and made the turkey in it on Tuesday, but that totally counts as a roast, so yeah.

I had planned to have enchiladas on Friday night, but decided to switch nights and have them tonight instead.  After having a really easy prep schedule this week and crazy times at work, no part of me wanted to cook and shred chicken last night.  So, I decided to cook all of the enchilada filling in the slow cooker today instead!

This morning, I threw diced onion, diced bell pepper, diced tomatoes, chicken, and taco seasoning in there with some water…and when I came home, there was beautifully cooked chicken.  I used the hand mixer to shred it and them mixed in some Greek yogurt to add creaminess.  Of course, I topped them off with some shredded cheddar cheese, with some help from Boog, and popped them into the oven.

In an overabundance of caution (since I got burned last week), I added a bit too much water, but otherwise, these were great.  This is definitely the plan for enchiladas from now on, though I will probably mix up the ingredients a little more, like some salsa verde in place of the tomatoes.  Who knows?  Now that I found a way to make these even easier, I’ll have time to think through new options 🙂


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Enchiladas and Thunder

Despite the rainy predictions of the weatherman, I was still holding out hope to be able to pick up Boog via bicycle while the enchiladas baked.  I had my clothes out and ready to go.

Alas, the weatherman was right.  Really really right. The commute home was AWFUL! Wicked lightning, blinding rain, accidents, traffic lights out.  It took much longer than normal to get safely home.  Obviously, biking was out of the question.

Because we got home so late, the Boog ate some popcorn and fruit salad while I was making dinner. And when the enchiladas were done, she was no longer hungry, so I didn’t get more than a bite of tortilla into her.  Oh well, Husband and I thought they were tasty.

And we still have leftovers for lunch tomorrow 🙂